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Stroller Hand Muff - Dune - Sand

Thanks to our practical gloves, parents can enjoy the walk regardless of the weather. Thanks to the gloves, the hands do not get cold, and the stroller will look original and stylish.

The glove option allows mounting both on the bow and on the handles of the sunshade. You can also attach them to the railing of the stroller, so that the child during the walk gains additional protection of the handles.

External quilted layer of waterproof ortalion with a selected Lamillou pattern, or quilted velvet with a breathable and breathable membrane, the waterproofness of which is at least 10,000m (safe even in extreme conditions - comparable to securing professional ski clothing) Fluffy anti-allergic filling 400 grams,

Additional internal layer of special ortalion protecting against wind, cold and moisture. The interior is a soft layer of colour-matched velvet.

Winter accessories from the Aspen Winterproof series are available in a patterned option with a waterproof ortalion with a velvet interior and in a velvet option reinforced with a membrane with a velvet interior. The colours of the series allow you to combine accessories from various velvet and ortalion patterns with print.

DIMENSIONS: 5.5" x 8.5" ( +/-1 in)
Manufactured and designed in Poland, Europe.

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